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Fancy a discount?


I’m going to let you in on a bit of a secret. We save the very best offers for our friends. Don’t get me wrong, our normal prices are ridiculously cheap already BUT we believe in looking after our mates. So here’s YOUR invite into our gang.. simply Create An Account at EDP Packaging and we will email you a nice little discount code so you can save even more on your first order!

There’s no tricks, no gimmicks, just good old fashioned customer service.

Creating an account is also the best place to here of special offers or our one day special discounts and you don’t actually need to place an order to create an account so why wait and let everyone else have the fun?

Important: we NEVER pass your personal information to anyone else and we will not fill your inbox full of rubbish. We contact you when we need to, not just because we want to.

Come on, join the gang!