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Board Backed Envelopes

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Board Backed Envelopes, or is it Boardback?? We've opted for the posh version and understandably so. The EDP range of BOARD BACKED ENVELOPES is high class to say the least!

TEN sizes available from our stock, and we stock the manilla (brown) and white.

Every size in the manilla envelopes has PLEASE DO NOT BEND in red print on the front of the envelope and a super strong peel & seal strip on the flap to ensure the contents are not tampered with. The white envelopes have the same quality but no print.

For the envelope purists: made from 120gsm paper / 550gsm grey board.

Very popular when sending photos, artwork, licenses or certificates.

Trust EDP prices to be the best, we've got packaging all wrapped up.

Need a sample?? Just CONTACT US