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How To Guide: Cardboard Boxes

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If you've clicked on this you must (I hope) be thinking "lets check that I know how to do this". So many customers assume it doesn't matter, until they find their product won't fit the box. The rules are simple, the styles are too. Lets run through the basics so you don't make the mistake.

0201 Boxes

This is what we'd all refer to as a normal cardboard box. Flaps at the top and the bottom that meet in the centre when closed. You simply need to apply tape to top and bottom and its ready to use. Single wall and double wall material are as popular as each other. Double wall is strongly adivsed as suitable for removal boxes.

The dimensions of the boxes should always be listed as LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT. This is based on the flaps sitting at the top and bottom of the box as its measured. See pic. All measurrements should be the internal (useable) size.

All 02 style box types are of the same style, flaps may differ but they are effectively a pre-formed box.

0427 Boxes (or similar)

The 04 range is a die cut style box which is basically like a pizza box but is also popular in variation to use as a mailing box.. This means it is stamped from a flat piece of board and needs to be folded to assemble it. The design of the box should mean the box will fit together without tape, thanks to the use of folds and locking tabs. Tape can be applied for security once the box is formed. This style boxes is more commonly found in single wall material for ease of folding.

The dimensions of the box follow the rules of the 02 range but the may look different. See Pic. All measurrements should be the internal (useable) size.

The dimensions should still be listed as LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT.

Further Help

If you're unsure just contact us. We can advice you in a straight forward jargon free manner so you know what you need and what you'll receive.